Facepunch Confirm Data Loss from Rust Server Fire

Facepunch Confirm Data Loss from Rust Server Fire

Yesterday survival hit Rust developers Facepunch reported a fire in the OVH Datacenter in Strasbourg, which house the game’s servers. The British team warned that this has of course resulted in a significant loss of player data. We should stress at this time that no injuries are reported and everyone in the building escaped unscathed.

Facepunch took to twitter to inform a concerned player base, saying “We’re expecting a large amount of data loss across the affected servers. We’ll share more news when we can”.

Octave Klaba, head of the impacted cloud server company OVH added,

“Firefighters were immediately on the scene but could not control the fire in SBG2. The whole site has been isolated which impacts all services in SGB1-4. We recommend to activate your Disaster Recovery Plan.”

Kevin Beaumont, a cybersecurity analyst for Microsoft added footage on twitter demonstrating how the building looked before, and after the fire,

Beaumont clearly illustrates the devastation in his posts above

Although Rust wipes all player progression each month, it does so only for public servers. So any private games held on impacted servers will likely cause the most distress in the Rust community. Unfortunately, Facepunch confirmed earlier this morning that it has had a chance to take stock of the damage, and it is unrecoverable.

“We’ve confirmed a total loss of the affected EU servers during the OVH data centre fire. We’re now exploring replacing the affected servers. Data will be unable to be restored.”

One glimmer of hope comes from Steam, which has reported no noticeable impact to the active player base, despite the loss. Better still, it’s now clear that the game will be coming to console soon, and Facepunch plans a closed beta later this month.

Source; Eurogamer