Fable Could Be Making A Rise From The Ashes

Fable Could Be Making A Rise From The Ashes

Fable fans have had it rough over the last five years or so. With the closure of the Lionhead studio behind the original games in the series, and the cancellation of the promising Fable Legends, it seemed as if the franchise had been left to rot. However, reports from Eurogamer suggest that the series may be making a triumphant return.

Though Microsoft has refused to comment on rumours and speculation, Eurogamer reports that infact the Forza Horizon studio Playground has been tasked with creating a new entry into the series. The reports indicate that the title will be open world, character focused action RPG. 200 members of staff are reportedly working on the title at the UK studio.

Many fans will welcome the decision to return to Fable, as will those crying out for the extreme lack of Xbox exclusives when compared to PlayStation 4. However, the project is likely to be in its very early stages with a release no doubt a long time away.

Former Lionhead developers have stated that they wanted to make a fully fledged, story driven Fable 4 after the conclusion of Legends. However after the closure of the studio two years ago, plans for the franchise were all but finished.

It will be interesting to see what comes from this with Playground predominantly holding a background in open world racing with Forza Horizon. And as for Xbox fans, they deserve a stellar exclusive after the cancellation of Fable Legends, Scalebound, delays to Crackdown 3, and mediocre titles such as Quantum Break and Recore (the latter drastically underrated). Could this be the start of a turning tide as Microsoft aim for the heights of Horizon Zero Dawn and the countless number of exclusives on the other side? Stay tuned to ABG for the latest news.

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