May 19, 2022

Fable Fortune to Shut Down in March

After three mostly successful Fable titles, developer Lionhead, unfortunately, closed in 2016. Surprisingly one more game got a full release. Fable Fortune, a card game based on the Fable universe was in active development when the studio closed its doors. However, a crew of talented former staff conceived Flaming Fowl Studios continued development launching into early access a year later.

But following an update on the games’ official website the journey is over. The studio confirmed the servers will shut down on March 4.

“After over two years, spanning 30 seasons with 6 Heroes, we sadly announce that our adventures are coming to an end,” the statement reads.

Unfortunately, even with the Fable name, the game was unable to break into the mainstream. Consequently falling into obscurity, left unplayed by all but the most dedicated fans.

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All hope is not lost for fans of the Fable series just yet. Eurogamer has since speculated the existence of a new entry to the series. Since Microsoft now owns the rights to Fable, Forza developer Playground may have been tasked with developing Fable 4.

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