Exoprimal Early Impresions

Exoprimal Early Impresions

This year Capcom presented a new IP Exoprimal, as described by Capcom itself, is an online, team-based action game that pits humanity’s cutting-edge exosuit technology against history’s most ferocious beast: Dinosaurs.

Following this premise, players have these exosuits at their disposal, working together to fight hordes of dinosaurs in exciting matches.

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An interesting aspect is that it’s designed in a way where each exosuit contributes a role in the team as well as contributing different playstyles. This element adds some level of strategy and freedom to how a player may approach different situations during a match.

The main roles exosuits fulfill are Assault, Tank, and Support.
You can select and change to a different exosuit at any time during a match
Then your character jumps and equips right away the next exosuit you wanted

This is a compelling gameplay feature that allows players to adapt to different objectives. Maybe go all-in guns blazing with assault, but with a big dinosaur change to a tank, or if your team and yourself need it, change to support and keep everyone alive. Teamwork but also personal choice is a big aspect of the game.

Exosuits have a visual design that clearly show what type it is
Also there is some customization for your character to make it your own

Of course, the main attraction of this game is the dinosaurs. Exoprimal has the most popular types, you can find yourself fighting against velociraptors, triceratops, t-rex, and many others, including monstrous mutations, each one representing a different threat with their unique attacks and behaviors.

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Mostly you will combat massive hordes of velociraptors
In other cases against flyiing dinosaurs
But sometimes you will face even bigger dinosaurs
Going even against more powerful dinosaurs like the Neo T-rex
There is a cool mechanic that allows players to take control of big dinosaurs and make havoc on the enemy team

For now, the beta is limited on game modes, with only one mode available: Dino Survival, which is a very fun experience to play, putting two teams of 5 players against each other with a cool mix of PvE and PvP.

Dino Survival will be the main mode in the game

This game mode is a fun gaming experience, it offers different scenarios and alternative objectives, there is a lot of variety in this mode alone, teams will race to complete objectives faster than the enemy team, sometimes surviving massive hordes of dinosaurs. Othertimes defeating a big dinosaur, sometimes a mobile defense objective, sometimes fighting directly with the enemy team, or sometimes the two teams work together to defeat a powerful neo dinosaur. This guarantees that matches don’t feel repetitive and the gameplay loop retains its fun and entertainment.

Matchmaking for this mode in the beta was quick and fluid
Maps have a good design with a cool atmosphere and things to see
Most of it are small spaces which make hordes of dinosaurs difficult to manage
Much of the time your team races against the other team, finishing and objective show a silhouette of the other team in real time to compare progress
Combat is flashy and frenetic
At the end the game highlights best players of the match
But if you lose the match dinosaurs will deal with you

In summary, Exoprimal is a fun game to play, it could be a good release from capcom, aiming for a multiplayer game, even if there are a lot of multiplayer games on the market, Exoprimal offers a fresh and genuinely entertaining experience.

Exoprimal will be released at some point in 2023, for Xbox, PC, and PlayStation.

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