Exception – Nintendo Switch Review

Exception – Nintendo Switch Review

Exception is intense from the get go, when the clock starts and you’re desperately trying to zoom through the level and clock a good time.

A fun and manic platform game from Traxmaster Software, with combat elements that made me agonise over my time constantly, even though I often just wanted to complete the level.

At first, you could mistake the game for just another platformer, but once you see the the game’s big gimmick of flipping and transforming each level, you appreciate the design so much more.

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Jump Into The Pretzel

The levels are imaginatively designed, so when you make your way to one of the colourful pretzels that transform the level, you have a whole new direction to go giving you access to different areas.

In Exception your movement consists of running, jumping, sliding and attacking with your blue blade to make your way to the levels end point.

The wall jumping feels great to traverse the sections and the responsiveness of the controls makes all movement feel seamless.

You can unlock more abilities like throwing your blade but these upgraded abilities aren’t necessary to get through the level.

I barely used the downward thrust or sword throw to beat the bosses or the levels, but they can be useful when you get stuck.

The downward thrust in particular giving you a new tactic to get passed a tricky enemy or difficult platforming section.

Speedrun Fun

Most of the time you are beating the level in less than 30 seconds on a good run and even the bosses when you guess their weak spot, don’t take much longer.

Also there is a little variety in bosses to mix up the level, which is a nice change after getting stuck on a few runs.

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Exception is beautiful graphically and really evokes the computer style, with something of a Tron influence that really brings the levels to life.

Laser traps, aggressive robots and moving walls are well designed obstacles in this addictive and fun game that will keep you coming back to improve your time.

Sweet Naive Alice

There is a something of a supporting plot to Exception regarding a thread questioning his place who is taken out of his cycle for some time.

This leads to the computer falling into chaos and causing a new menace to take control.

Initiated by the computers owner a sweet old lady called Alice trying to catch up with family only to naively click on free software; that of course is malicious.

Seems like she should have waited for her Grandson to do this, her generation didn’t grow up with such technology so we can’t hold it against her.

The thread meets a small crew of robots who fill him in on the situation and introduce him to a character called Null who only says that, so that’s fun…

Thus begins your journey to make everything right and help the indoctrinated forces of evil , that are really just sheep in the malevolent forces plans (not literal sheep).

Luckily if you want to just get into the action you can skip all cutscenes in Exception and pretend the story doesn’t exist.


Exception is great fun especially on the go as the levels are short to complete and the quick paced action suits the Switch really well.

There’s enough levels to keep you entertained for some time and the variety is enough to stop it becoming repetitive, disregarding the boss fights.

Pros –

  • Fantastic visuals and art style
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Cool futuristic level design

Cons –

  • Minor story
  • Uninteresting boss fights

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Save the robots in Tron style
  • 8/10
    Overall - 8/10


Exception is a great way to pass a journey with your Switch, the game play is fun and addictive with enough variety to levels to stop them feeling too similar.

The story is inconsequential, but that doesn’t affect playing the game and skipping cutscenes just gets you back into the action quicker.

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