Eville – Winner of Best Streamable Game

Eville – Winner of Best Streamable Game

Eville has been inspired by popular social-deduction party games such as Werewolves. However, this is a new take on the concept with real time gameplay and interaction. Developer West Games and published by Versus Evil. Eville also is the Indie Arena Booth winner of best streamable game 2021.

Devious murders are taking place in the once peaceful village of Eville. Each day the Villagers can decide on suspects and execute them until all evil-doers are found. Each night however the Conspirators gather and decide to murder another innocent Villager until they take over the village. You play as a random role and have no idea who is on your side. Use your abilities and social skills to find out!

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Take on the role of a Villager or Conspirator and do your deeds when no one is watching. Place wards to observe other players or tread through the village to visit any house and go on a killing spree. It is your task to communicate with other players and prove your innocence. Use your unique role abilities to your advantage and make sure your team survives.

Here are some of the available roles:

  • Detective – A nimble noble with an exceptional eye for the truth.
  • Axe Murderer – A blade master that got off the right path.
  • Shape Shifter – No one really knows who she is, and those that do never see her again.
  • Ghost Whisperer – A mystic with the ability to communicate with deceased Villagers.
  • Slanderer – Never takes the blame for anything. Always tries to frame others.
  • Trapper – A lone ranger with a powerful arsenal.
  • Seer – Places magical wards and observes other players during the night.
  • Mayor – Everyone knows him and everyone pays him.
  • Thief – Watch out for this one, or you’ll soon have nothing!
  • Guard – A crusader of justice and truth.
  • Smuggler – A master of the underground – clearing secret paths directly to a player’s home

As of yet there is no release date, other than at some point, possibly in 2022.

Source: Versus Evil

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