May 28, 2022

Every Marvel’s Avengers DLC Character will Feature $10 Battle Pass

Console-locked exclusive content and branded costumes aside, Square Enix has a really dubious post-launch gameplay plan in place for Marvel’s Avengers. I hope your bank account looks like Tony Stark’s

The more we hear about this game, the less appealing it becomes.

Square Enix has recently detailed Marvel’s Avengers‘ cosmetics and upgrades.

As such, it turns out that each new character released for the game [Hawkeye, Spider-Man, et al] will boast a $10 battle pass. Each.

These battle passes – dubbed “Hero Challenge Cards” for the game – will feature in-game currency, gear, emotes, costumes, and more.

Square Enix said the following about the Hero Challenge Cards;

We’ve activated the premium Hero Challenge Card rewards for all six starting heroes at launch, so you can earn and enjoy all content across the 40 tiers for free. When we introduce new Hero Challenge Cards for post-launch heroes, the cost [to activate the premium rewards] will be 1,000 Credits.”

These credits can be obtained using real-world money. A pack of 500 credits costs $5, and the next pack size up is 2,000 credits. For one character, therefore, you’d have to spend an additional $10 per character. And some leaks reveal 17 new characters are to be released [not including Spider-Man]

I’ll let you do the maths.

Square Enix carried on, saying;

“We want to reward players for their time. Once you activate the premium rewards of a Hero Challenge Card [for 1,000 Credits], you can earn everything on that card. This includes more Credits! If you complete all challenges on your Hero Challenge Card, not only will you earn back your 1,000 Credit activation cost, all the content you’ll earn has a value of over 12,500 Credits. Remember, these rewards deliver fun in-game cosmetic enhancements and effects, but they do not provide a gameplay advantage.  

Hero Challenge Cards do not rotate and won’t be retired. Once you’ve activated premium rewards, there is no time limit or risk in spreading your focus between heroes. That being said, If you‘re in a hurry, you can buy ‘skips’ to get through tiers faster”.

So, yeah. Locked exclusives and real-world branded costumes aside, this could be the greediest move since you know what. Though, the ongoing Apple/Epic debacle is definitely close.

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