Evercade Retro Console is going from Handheld to Home!

Evercade Retro Console is going from Handheld to Home!

Blaze Entertainment, producers of the nifty retro centric Evercade Retro Console are progressing from Handheld to Home consoles with the Evercade VS. For those not in the know, the Evercade Handheld released in early 2020. It’s a sweet emulation device that comes with a collectible twist – you buy and collect physical cartridges. Each cartridge has multiple games, all licensed correctly, and come with a nice case and booklet.

In an announcement today, Blaze unveiled their next piece of hardware, the Evercade VS. Instead of handheld, this will be a home console that will play the same cartridges but upscale them nicely to 1080p Full HD resolutions. The unit also boasts the ability for up to four players to plug in, will support most USB controllers (including the original Evercade via cable) and can accept two cartridges at the same time. Noice.

From Retro Handheld to Home

One of the standouts of the Evercade handheld was the quality of its emulation, and with a quad core 1.5 ghz, there should be enough to get a really good image out of it. We see it as a smart move, as it will entice existing players to invest in cartridges and bring newcomers to the console.

The sexy little handheld

We’ve had the Evercade since launch and have enjoyed the simplicity and style of the handheld. We think the move for Evercade Retro Console from Handheld to Home seems like a great idea. What do you think of this little emulation beast? Do you like the retro aesthetic? Go all Pacman in the comments below.

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