July 3, 2022

EVE Online Players Under Siege

EVE Online often provides the best gaming stories, and this week was no different. Wednesday afternoon seen thousands of EVE players scrambling to defend their belongings against a new hostile NPC faction, the Drifters.

Hostile NPC factions are common in EVE, but the scope of this attack is greater than anything players have experienced so far. One of the game’s largest factions, The Imperium, had to call off an attack, involving thousands of players, to defend its territory. While interesting looking in, EVE players have found the invasion a frustrating distraction.

The Imperium’s Leader took to Twitter to issue a statement:

While The Imperium have successfully defended their territory and belongings, other factions have taken expensive losses. Several expensive ships have been destroyed, including an £80 supercarrier.

CCP haven’t indicated what the plans are for this invasion, and have told Polygon that they’re unable to contact the alien faction. They did share a picture that was not of Drifter origin, but seems to suggest their intent it to wrestle control of the galaxy from warring player factions.

Coalition Influence Map Timelapse [Today - Next Week] -- we can only hope?

Source: Polygon

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