ESO’s Next Big Expansion Brings With It a Most Welcomed Addition

ESO’s Next Big Expansion Brings With It a Most Welcomed Addition

Are you ready to take on the new Oblivion themed areas in ESO’s Blackwood expansion? MMO’s are great if you like playing with or against people. However, there are some gamers that like to lose themselves in the fantasy world and play alone. There is nothing wrong with this at all and Zenimax are introducing the new companion system specifically with the solo gamer in mind.

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Introducing Companions

The first two companions, you will be able to recruit if you own the Blackwood expansion. These are dark elf Mirri Elendis and human Bastian Hallix. You can customise the skills, equipment, and outfits for whoever you have recruited. These companions also have a “rapport” system and personal quests for you to pursue.

ESO’s lead system designer, Philip Draven explains:

“By developing your Companion to be the perfect complement to your own playstyle, they’ll be able to help you tackle challenges that may have been just out of reach before and provide assistance when another player is not available to join you,”

“Companions have abilities to fulfill all combat roles (damage, healing, tanking, and hybridization) in many common gameplay situations. However, they are not intended to replace or be as powerful as other players.”

Blackwood Preview—Companions System – The Elder Scrolls Online

To me, I play sometimes with friends and sometimes I like to journey alone. I am not going to lie sometimes on these solo days a helping hand would indeed be useful. It will be fun to see how well my characters gel with the companions and to forging a lasting friendship with them. I hope!

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