May 23, 2022

Escape From Tarkov Banning Cheaters

So, Escape From Tarkov is back in the news. This time, however, it’s because developers Battlestate Games is doing it’s best to combat in-game cheaters. If Battlestate catches you, expect the ban hammer really soon!

Controversy-magnet Escape From Tarkov has recently taken a stand against in-game cheaters.

Developers Battlestate Games has stood its grounds against any would-be cheaters.

COO Nikita Buyanov made a Reddit post recently to detail what Battlestate is doing. Included in the post is a list of actions the company will take, including;

  • BattlEye bans – “from 28th May, almost 10,000 cheaters banned already”
  • Report system being developed that supports “a lot of additional stats gathering”. This will be used with the BattlEye system and “will not be one and only reason of ban”
  • Instakick/instaban – “we are making additional countermeasures against cheaters on game servers”
  • 2FA SMS verification – “this will just make [cheaters lives] a little harder”
  • Partial ban of VPN services – “Asian region lock was implemented long time ago…We are looking into partial [VPN] ban …[and]… slowly decreasing ping limit”
  • RMT (Real Money Traders) ban – including anyone who buys from RMTs.

Battlestate is clearly looking into this situation. These methods will, hopefully, help streamline the game. Of course, not all of these methods will succeed. However, Battlestate hopes that the combination of these and “many more things” will deter would-be cheaters and scammers from the game.

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