Epic Games Store Offers Partial Refunds For Select Sale Games

Epic Games Store Offers Partial Refunds For Select Sale Games

The Epic Games Store has a refund policy that has only recently been brought to public attention.

Following Joshua Boggs‘ candid Tweet, we know Epic will refund the difference in price for a discounted sale game.

“You recently placed orders from the Epic Games Store. The price of the game(s) you purchased were recently lowered, so we are issuing partial refunds for the difference(s)”.

In a nutshell, it seems like Epic will now offer partial refunds to players under one caveat. If the game they paid full price for is reduced due to a sale shortly thereafter, Epic will refund the difference.

It’s a nice, charitable way to earn user’s respect, and something other digital market stores could learn from.

It should be noted that Epic already had a refund policy in place (naturally). This policy previously saw the consumer need to refund the full price of the game. And then re-purchase it at sale value:

“You can refund your purchase for a full refund and immediately re-purchase the product as long as it abides by the above guidelines, we do not consider this to be refund abuse”.

However, Joshua Boggs’ Tweet suggests a new, automated refund may now be in place. Which, considering Epic hasn’t made any fanfare about it, seems strange. Then again, maybe they’ve been a little busy recently.

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