Epic Games Adding Achievements to Its Games

Epic Games Adding Achievements to Its Games

Starting next week, Epic will be adding achievements to (at least) six games, with more to come “soon”.

Epic has also started developing tools for developers to help activate achievements in their games “quickly and easily”.

As Epic notes, at launch, the “Epic Achievements”-enabled games will include;

More games will be added to the list as developers activate them in-game “later this year”.

The Achievements will also have associated levels of XP, and will be tiered based on XP value. For clarification, the tiers are as follows;

  • Bronze = five – 45XP
  • Silver = 50 – 95XP
  • Gold = 100 – 200XP
  • Platinum = 250XP

A new Achievements page will be added to all supported games’ store page. From there, you’ll be able to track all acquired achievements, as well as your progress to upcoming achievements. If you have any experience with Xbox Achievements/PlayStation Trophies, you’ll be familiar with the procedure already.