Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator Launches on Steam

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator Launches on Steam

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator is launching into Steam Early Access on August 30th.

Create your ultimate medieval battle and throw tens of thousands of soldiers into battle. Either watch the battle from afar or take control of one of your soldiers and lead your army to victory! Check out the reveal trailer below!.

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The only limit it seems is your imagination…. or your CPU for that matter as you’ll be able to create battle with over 100,000 units in them, so let the mayhem ensue!

Using a high-performance crowd rendering system Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator allows you to be able to control four different factions each with a variety of units including; One and two-handed, shields, pikes and bows with more on the way as well as horrifying giant monsters…which are controllable too!

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator
It’s over monster! I have the high ground

On the way in forthcoming updates is even more content including; more maps, siege battles, cavalry( with 3rd person control) and workshop support where you can create your own character.

Epic Fantasy Battle Simulator (God that’s a mouthful) launches on August 30th priced at £9.99 with a 15% launch discount for the first week.

Will you be on the battlefield? Let us know in the comments below!

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