Energy Cycle Edge – Nintendo Switch Review

Energy Cycle Edge – Nintendo Switch Review

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Energy Cycle Edge having not played the Energy Cycle, and also not really being a puzzle game player.

Energy Cycle Edge, published by Sometimes You has a simple premise of tasking you with changing all of the colours in the random pattern to match each other, with the only issue being the colours in that orbs row changing once clicked.

I found it initially confusing as what to do as there is no tutorial, though the gameplay is so basic it doesn’t particularly need one.

However one sentence to give you a frame of reference would help.


A possible 4th film in the Cube series set after Cube 2: Hypercube, as they’ve already done a prequel, obviously.

This is also true of the controls as they are not listed anywhere and come down to moving, clicking and rotating.

There’s also exiting the game by pressing B and then X, which I did out of annoyance… repeatedly.

44 Levels of Frustrating Glory

There are 44 levels to beat, amping up the difficulty by escalating the amount of sides involved from one to four, with the cube being a real test of skill and patience (of which I apparently have none).

A very Space Invaders Christmas

My first impressions were that it was quite simplistic in design and seems like a mini game from a bigger title, reminding me of Mass Effect Andromeda’s Remnant decryption puzzles.

It can be quite frustrating to get so close with only 1 or 2 left to change and the further you go, the more excruciating it can become when you’ve got several sides to complete.

Where are the Aliens?

Graphically there’s not a lot to say; you get some nice background effects in the space like setting, the female characters and aliens present in the menu’s are well designed, though where they fit in to any of this who’s to say (the aliens don’t look like they could invade, being 2 foot with bemused expressions).

The music is pleasant and fits the gameplay well, though no matter how far you get this comes across as a frustrating mini game with less depth than most mobile games.

YouTube player

For fans of the first game, Energy Cycle Edge does offer the option of classic cells in the settings as well as the random colours option which randomizes the starting colours.


Pros –

  • Character designs from the menu (that aren’t used in gameplay)
  • The music is fine
  • The price for entertainment value

Cons –

  • No depth, very simplistic
  • No tutorial
  • Steep difficulty curve
  • You may throw your Switch whilst playing

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Energy Cycle away from this title...
  • 3.5/10
    Overall - 3.5/10


A simplistic concept that will make you tear your hair out.

Great for puzzle fans and frustratingly for the masses.

Let the music soothe you out of your rage.

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