May 27, 2022

End of an Era as Nintendo Japan No Longer Services the Original Wii

Rest well, old friend. You have earned your peace.

Nintendo Japan has announced recently that they will no longer offer repair services for the Nintendo Wii home console.

As it originally launched December 2006, the Wii certainly had a lengthy lifetime. However, Nintendo has stated that it is no longer has Wii-related parts readily available, which makes servicing consoles difficult.

Noticeably, this is a Nintendo Japan announcement. As such, it is currently unclear whether other regions will be affected by the announcement.

The maintenance will not accept any further repair requests past 31st March 2020. So, if you happen to still have an original Wii that needs repairing – and you happen to be reading this in Japan – you have a little over a month.

The affected consoles are all gen-1 variant of Wii consoles, noticeable by their model number RVL-001. Again, it is unclear if this announcement affects other region’s consoles.

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