May 25, 2022

Empire of Sin Delayed

It’s always annoying when a game has to be delayed. However, the end result is (usually) a much better experience all around. Here’s hoping the additional time that Romero Games is taking to make Empire of Sin will pay off.

Empire of Sin, turn-based strategy game set in prohibition-era Chicago, has been delayed by a number of months. Initial reports suggested a “2020 second quarter” release date.

However, director Brenda Romero of Romero Games posted to Twitter about the unfortunate delay:

“As any good bootlegger knows, good liquor can’t be rushed and the same goes for game development. This is why we have decided to move the release of Empire of Sin to Fall 2020.

We appreciate all your support so far, and trust that you understand why choosing quality over speed is important. After all, everyone knows you gotta stay sharp to make it in Chicago”.

Romero Games is a small indie company based in Galway, Ireland. Headed by Brenda and John Romero, Empire of Sin will be the company’s first console release. Looking like a turn-based tactical RPG such as X-COM or Mutant Year Zero, Empire of Sin takes characters through the seedy underbelly of a mob-run 1920s Chicago.

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Fans looking to support Empire of Sin should head to the game’s website. Here, you can subscribe to stay notified on the game’s development as well as pre-order your interest in the game.

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