Embracer Group Opens a Video Games Archive

Embracer Group Opens a Video Games Archive

Embracer Group hasn’t slowed down from its Square Enix purchase just yet.

The super-indie collective (though, at this stage, that seems a little out-of-touch) has launched an archive to house video games.

Which video games? Well, all of them, ideally

As noted on its new website, Embracer states;

“For us, games are more than just games. It’s culture! It is something created by great people with creative ideas. By building a large archive of physical games, we want to preserve and tribute the games culture for a long period of time”.

The archive currently has over 50,000 games, consoles, and accessories housed in Sweden. Embracer Group’s next step (circa 2022) will be to start a “network and collaborate with initiatives, museums, and institutions”. This is in addition to “[providing] help to researchers and journalists with inquiries”.

In the long-term, Embracer also looks set to, “exhibit parts of the archive locally and through satellite exhibitions at other locations”.

In addition, if you were like to contribute, you can!

As Embracer puts it, its main focus right now is,

“…buying large complete unique collections (both hardware and software) of formats we are missing. If you have a collection that you want to sell, please contact our gaming advisor Thomas Sunhede”.

Sadly, Embracer currently does not have an official wanted list. However, it noted how, in the future, the Group will post individual games/specific platforms it is looking for to complete its collection.

For a more comprehensive understanding of what Embracer is doing with the archive, visit here.

If you are a collector yourself and would like to get involved, email Thomas Sunhede at thomas.sunhede@embracer.com. Be sure to include photos, lists of the objects, as well as your valuation.