Elden Ring Finally Has A Confirmed Release Date

Elden Ring Finally Has A Confirmed Release Date

Summer Game Fest is in full swing and one of the biggest games shown, so far, is From Software’s new Dark Souls sibling Elden Ring.

Hidetaka Miyazaki the daddy of the Dark Souls series has teamed up with non-other than Game of Thrones writer George RR Martin to create one of the most mouth-watering games in a long time. Unfortunately, good things only come to those who wait. Elden Ring is still some months away with the release date set for January 21, 2022.

However, not all bad news, if a confirmed release date six months away can be considered bad. The release date was announced with the help of a brand new gameplay trailer.

Elden Ring But Actual Gameplay

The trailer gives the player a taste of what Elden Ring is all about. Firstly, the game world seems to be more open with vast regions to explore astride your bull/horse/furry motorcycle. Classically and true to the spirit of Miyazaki’s games there is a lot of talk about flames and the possible extinguishing of said flames.

We see the usual amalgamations of horror which can only be dreamt up by Miyazaki himself. Yes I’m looking at you Gaping Dragon. Magic and spells also seems to be back in the players arsenal alongside the usual suspects of great swords, shields, bows and surprisingly fashionable armours. Who knew you could look so good and yet be repeatedly stabbed in the face by a zombie-man?

All we really know about the story so far is that the player is branded as Tarnished and in search of the Elden Ring. A bit poor but I’m sure that we’re all going to learn more about the story six months after release watching a YouTube video explains it to us, like children. Make sure to check out the trailer in all of its glory down below and tell us what you think.

YouTube player

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