Elden Ring DLC Leaked in Datamine

Elden Ring DLC Leaked in Datamine

Wait no more, lowly Tarnished, it seems the Elden Ring DLC is almost upon us. The new info has sprung fourth from a leak, datamined directly from the game’s files by Twitter user @sekirodubi. It includes details of a host of new bosses and dungeons.

According to Sekiro Dubi, the datamining unearthed key information, all of which points to upcoming DLC for FromSoftware’s hit RPG. The leak even includes detail on new areas, including one named “Underground Dungeon Ark” which comes with an as yet unused boss. The data includes no less than 30 new boss flags. So its likely to contain far more bosses than any single DLC yet published from the legendary developer.

You can see the original post revealing the leak from the below tweet from Sekiro Dubi.

But wait, there’s more!

According to Sekiro Dubi, a previous datamine from the 1.07 patch update also hinted at a multiplayer arena. Text banners including “You Win”, “You Lose”, “Draw” and “Begin Match” suggest Elden Ring will be getting a dedicated PvP area, much like Dark Souls 3 did post launch. Even more, it seems that fan speculation was on point, with the Colosseum revealed as the area in which these epic duels would take place.

Specific reference to the Colosseum was given by Sekiro Dubi in a tweet to Game Awards host Geoff Keighley. This inevitably led to many assuming the DLC would be revealed in the show.

Of course, enigmatic as ever, FromSoftware have yet to confirm the rumoured DLC is incoming. But now it seems the writing is indeed on the wall. The Game Awards 2022 is set to take place on December 8th. Prity, lowly tarnished, will thee be watching? You can bet your maidenless ass we will be.

Source; Game Revolution

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