Elden Ring Births a Legend for the Souls’ Halls of Fame

Elden Ring Births a Legend for the Souls’ Halls of Fame

Every generation of gamers have their mascots, their idols, and their fan favourites. But once in a while, something truly glorious emerges from the rank and file. Something so absurdly wonderful that they capture the imagination of an entire community. Yes indeed, once in a while, a meme is born. Elden Ring has birthed one such legend.

This is not uncommon in the Dark Souls universe. Dark Souls I gave us Giant Dad, proprietor of poise, a colossal claymore-wielding monster. The same game gave us the unga-bunga naked man with a stick, and the so followed a slew of Havel Monsters and Duel-Wielding Shield Door Bros in the following games. But Elden Ring has surpassed them all. Ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to present…”Let me solo her”.

Image Credit u/skullwithtophat

Ok so perhaps not quite so catchy as “Giant Dad” but the backstory is one to rival the greats. On Monday 11th of April, a Redditor on the Elden Ring subreddit posted a thank you note titled “thx to ‘let me solo her’. This was in praise of a player who aided in their defeat of Malenia, widely considered the game’s hardest boss. Poster u/great_atorius wrote, “He dodged nearly all her attacks and got hit only one time”.

Whilst the initial post didn’t catch on fire immediately, this was to be the first in many sightings of this mysterious player character. The second post, following 24 hours later titled “Here’s to an absolute legend, let me solo her” has over 41k upvotes. Today, a post in r/gaming praising the legend himself has gained over 97k upvotes. A legend is born.

Image credit; u/donderbom

“Let me solo her” isn’t much to look at, granted. Typically, he’s naked bar some ragged pants, and, crucially, a pot on his head. But wielding duel samurai swords, this absolute unit easily dispatches one of the greatest bosses in Souls history with ease. The proof that this myth is more than just mere puff is in the myriad of fan appreciation now widely available on the web. There has been a slew of printable models, fan art, and memes of course that by now have surely secured “let me solo her” in the hall of the greats.

PC gamer’s Wes Fenlon surmises perfectly why “let me solo her” is everything you’ll never be,

“Going in naked is also a statement of absolute confidence. It says that while you were partying at the Radahn festival, they studied the blade. It says that while you were hugging Fia, Deathbed Companion, they studied the blade. It says that while you wasted your time vainly choosing your Elden Bling armor set, they studied the blade. And now that your progress has been stopped dead by a battle that exceeds your mortal limits, they alone offer you salvation.”

Wes Fenlon, PC Gamer

Poetry. The absurd confidence required to ditch all armour – your primary defense in a souls game – and match the toughest boss as a co-operator, whereby the boss has increased health is quite the statement. One Redditor posts aptly,

“If I see a naked man I already know I have to do nothing. In the world of FromSoftware, those are the scariest people”

Image credit; u/gktazz

While another wrote,

Clothes exist as a barrier to the wilderness. A barrier between man and the elements. A barrier between man and death. They are a sign of weakness. Shed your “armor” and fight like a true animal,”

Image credit; u/Matthewskincat

After just a few days, the legend behind the pot removed the mask, like some twisted, masochistic FromSoft episode of the “Masked Dancer”. Redditor u/ KleinTsuboiOW is Elden Ring’s very own Clark Kent. And the proof, a video demonstrating the solo fight in all its naked glory now has over 700k views on YouTube. Be sure to check it out below, and the next time you ring your little bell to summon the mimic tear, just remember one thing.

Git gud.

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