July 1, 2022


If someone had told me that there was a game being released where you play co-op with a friend to control a two-headed dog and solve puzzles to progress, I’d have laughed and said: “pull the other one, it’s got bells on”. But much to my surprise, there was just such a game at EGX Rezzed – and it’s an absolute belter of a game.

You and a friend take control of a physics-based two-headed dog and solve puzzles to progress onto the next level. Sometimes the solution is very straightforward, but other times you need to think outside the box; either way it makes for stacks of fun and a few gamer rager moments. Your two-headed dog also has extra abilities – as well as the usual biting and moving, (without giving too much away) your character can stretch and even turn into a hosepipe. There is one tip I’ll let you into though, communication is the key to progression – luckily for me, I got to play the game with the dev team so that helped out massively.

As for the game environment itself, stunning is the only word I can use for the description. We’re talking vibrant, colourful, cartoony and perfectly immersive for the theme. At a guess, it’s geared towards the younger end of the gaming age spectrum, but my daughter and I absolutely loved playing it. We even went back for a second go before we left! It’s the kind of game that you can just kick back and unwind while playing. It’s so nice to see this in the current age of battle royale and high octane titles.

So who do we thank for bring in this beautifully fun game to us? Please allow me to introduce to you BITLOOMGAMES and COATSINK – click on their names to head to their respective sites. These two are probably some of the coolest you could ever meet. Obvious to see that the fun factor is integral in both parties, and it shines through in PHOGS for all to see. They told me that the plans for PHOGS are a 2019 release, it will be across various platforms, and they are looking into expanding the co-op play into online multiplayer.

I’ll be honest with you all here, PHOGS was one of mine and my daughter’s favourite games at the show. It was fun, challenging and breathes new life into local co-op games – roll on 2019 so I can get my hands on the full game.

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