May 16, 2022

EARTH DEFENSE FORCE Returns With a New Enemy to Fight.

Alien forces is back in the sixth major entry in the all-out extra-terrestrial battle defence game series, Earth Defense Force returns and there is a new enemy to fight.

D3 Publisher and developer Sandlot have announced their latest title in the series, Earth Defense Force 6, and it will be launching next year in 2021 in Japan, as announced on the Playstation Blog Japan site.

Playstation Blog

From what I have seen it is going to start three years after EDF 5 ended. Despite being able to save the planet and defeating the Primers, the EDF were almost broken. The Storm Team has ended and all that remains is one soldier who is still fighting the good fight. The Primers may have left Earth but their invading forces are still here and these are now threatening us humans.

Guess who’s back?

There is a return performance from an old adversary, the Colonists, the odd frog like creatures that are able to hold weapons and have limbs that regrow once shot off! (“That is a B movie in the making right there“). We are also expecting to see the return of ants, spiders and hornets. As expected the humans have to save the world from lots of weird and massive bugs and there is going to be a new enemy: a flying dragon.

The 2021 date suggests that Earth Defense Force 6 will land on next-generation consoles, which launch later this year, but no official platforms for the game have been announced just yet. One thing we can be sure of, this game is going to be as crazy and as fun as the previous installments in the series.

Sources: D3 Publisher Getmatsu

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