Earth Atlantis – PlayStation 4 Review

Earth Atlantis – PlayStation 4 Review

At end of the 21st century a great climate shift engulfed ninety six percent of the earth’s surface in water. Human civilization has fallen. Machines have adopted the shape and form of marine animals. The ocean is full of creature-machine hybrid monsters. You as the hunter must seek out and abolish the monsters of the deep.

Presented by the Unity engine in a unique and beautiful sepia art style Earth Atlantis looks akin to a pirates treasure map filled with mechanised marine creatures and a gorgeous hand drawn world.

Set in one giant map you will have to navigate an almost metroidvania underwater world hunting the games many bosses. Controls are an old school 2 button set up hailing back to the NES days.

There are two game modes to be had, a standard campaign mode and Hunter Mode. Hunter Mode is a time trial style mode but instead of hitting checkpoints to gain time you must kill enemies. Picking up power-ups including homing missiles and bouncing bombs on your journey you will take down anything from piranha to megalodon on your quest to rid the world of your foes.

The bosses of Atlantis Earth are both beautiful and deadly, this is not an easy game by any means of the imagination. The tight channels and claustrophobic caves you must navigate are an enemy in themselves, littered with mines and enemies filling your screen with projectiles.

I will say the controls though simple aren’t the most reactive, I did find using the triggers more intuitive than the face buttons due to the twitch timing needed for this game. the pick up and play game play would definitely shine on the Switch version and i believe is the perfect platform for this game. This does not mean the PlayStation and Xbox versions of this game are bad, they are great but the Switch’s portable platform would benefit from the art style and design of this game.

Progression through the game will give you access to more submarines each with their own advantages and disadvantages allowing for multiple playthroughs.

Now for the bad points. The soundtrack is just one song that after an hour or so can get annoying, the range of enemies and are limited, game-play can become repetitive and this is not a game for everyone, casual players may struggle even on the easy difficulty. Lastly for the completionist in you there is no platinum trophy on the PS4 version.

The guys at Pixel-Perfex and HeadUp Games have crafted a unique and beautiful game and anyone who enjoys retro or challenging games should definitely give Earth Atlantis a try.

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Watercolour Mayhem
  • 7.5/10
    Overall - 7.5/10


Earth Atlantis is a beautiful game filled with gorgeous art and menacing bosses.
Challenging gameplay, ship unlocks and metroidvania exploration lend to multiple playthroughs but an uninspired soundtrack and limited gameplay hold it back.

I would recommend picking up the switch version for the definitive game experience.

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