EA Patent Will Let You Stream The Game Whilst Installing

EA Patent Will Let You Stream The Game Whilst Installing

A new EA patent could make the modern annoyance of waiting for a game to install a thing of the past. Thank you Per Henrik Benny Karlsson.

Patent Application Summary –
U.S. patent application number 16/370707 was filed with the patent office on 2020-10-01 for dynamic streaming video game client. The applicant listed for this patent is Electronic Arts Inc.. Invention is credited to Per Henrik Benny Karlsson.

The patent was approved on 16th February and you can check it out yourself over at the US Patent and Trademarks Office website.

Dynamic Video Game Client

The new tech is being touted as a “dynamic video game client”, that will check whether the game being launched is downloaded and if not will allow the game to be streamed, until the download is complete, upon which the game will effortlessly switch the downloaded version.

Embodiments of the present application provide a phased streaming system and process using a dynamic video game client. The dynamic video game client can utilize a state stream game engine in combination with a game application streaming service to provide users with the ability to begin playing games quickly on a huge range of devices.

Credit: US Patent and Trademarks Office

EA Looking To Turn Their Image Around?

This EA Patent is a great idea. but somewhat of a surprising move from EA who, are well known for just being interested in the financial side of the industry and not generally the happiness of the consumer.

We are all well aware that the most frustrating part of being a modern gamer is the time it takes for you to be able to jump in compared to bygone days when the cartridge or disc was all you needed to jump in to the action.

Though a close second is people spamming “what a save” after scoring in Rocket League, seriously take a day off from being a professional ‘see you next Tuesday’.

But back on topic, the size of games in general and day one updates are increasing in size constantly, due to the demands needed to deliver optimal performance. As an avid Warzone player, that game alone is a hefty chunk of my available space.

Added with the requirements needed to download anything at a respectable rate, when others are using the same broadband and more poignantly the quality of connection needed to stream demanding titles, that is still relatively in it’s infancy.

Feasible Evolution?

Many games will allow you to get started at partial download percentages, up to a certain point of the game, but this could bring installation to a whole new level and maybe even change how we are able to consume game content.

This new EA Patent sounds awfully convenient, but you would imagine even if released it could take years to perfect and we could maybe be looking at the infrastructure being setup now but not fully utilised till late in this console generation.

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