May 27, 2022

EA Adds Wrexham AFC to FIFA 22


EA has officially added Wrexham AFC to the FIFA 22 line-up.

And, for a local boy like me, that is amazing to hear.

Even though I don’t do FIFA…or care about football…

Still, this is amazing news for Wrexham AFC (and the rest of the town it calls home).

For anyone unaware, Wrexham has been making headlines as of late thanks to the team’s new managers; Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney.

Ryan and Rob became co-owners of Wrexham AFC, a National League club, in 2020.

Since then, Wrexham has seen the social media app TikTok become official sponsors, Netflix is making a documentary on the club, and Rob and Ryan have invested over £2 million into the club.

And now, to top it all off, the club will be in the biggest football video game on the planet.

Admittedly, the team comes under the “Res of the World” banner…something that Rob and Ryan poke fun at in a recent announcement video.

But, still, for a town and club that, admittedly, has not had the best of times in the last few decades, this is an amazing thing. And now, it’s video game-related as well. So I can finally write something about it.

Fun fact; Wrexham AFC is amongst the oldest (third oldest, in fact) football clubs in the world. And I still don’t know what the Offside rule is.

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