Dying Light 2 Already Has 4x More Players than the Original Game on PC

Dying Light 2 Already Has 4x More Players than the Original Game on PC

That’s according to the highly anticipated sequels peak steam players. Of course, it’s not exactly been all smooth sailing for Dying Light 2. Originally penned for a 2020 release, Techland’s ambitious follow up suffered numerous delays and setbacks. But now it seems the wait was worth it.

But four long years after the developer showcased Dying Light 2 at E3 2018, the zombie parkour apocalypse mash-up is here. Not just that, but the roof-top RPG is already breaking records.

Dying Light, the original game peaked at 46k concurrent players way back in 2015. But this weeks release of Dying Light 2 has already taken the third highest spot in the Steam player rankings. Just yesterday, it peaked at 164k players during its first few hours on steam. That’s over four times higher than the 2015 release managed.

But compared to other games by Techland its doing even better still. Dying Light 2: Stay Human has reached over ten times more concurrent players than Dead Island, the first survival horror from the developer. This peaked at just 16k players years after its 2011 release, after receiving an 80% discount on Steam.

There’s not a lot of point comparing it to Techland’s failed battle royal attempt. Dying Light: Bad Blood flopped, barely reaching over 400 concurrent players at its peak. But as of right now, reviews of Dying Light 2 are mostly positive on Steam, so this initial success seems less a flash in the pan, and more the beginning of something very special.

Source; GitHyp

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