Dragonhold could be bringing ESO back to Skyrim

Dragonhold could be bringing ESO back to Skyrim

Skyrim looks set to be the latest expansion to be added to Bethesda’s online juggernaut, The Elder Scrolls Online.

Or at least that’s the impression garnered from the latest trailer from the Game Awards:

As you can see, the last shot shows a solitary figure standing on the cliffs overlooking some very familiar scenery. Those who have played Skyrim may also recognise the tone of the music playing at the same time.

After that follows a message promising us to be able to “Explore the Dark Heart of Skyrim” followed by the date 16/01/20. Spooky stuff.

So, whilst it’s obvious that we’ll be seeing some Skyrim related content revealed mid January, quite what that will be is still unknown.

Here there be dragons!

Most obviously, and the most popular theory, suggests a Skyrim-themed expansion similar to Bethesda’s previous expansions. For example the Elsweyr expansion themed around Morrowind.

However, it’s also been suggested that this could be a huge in game event merely based around Skyrim.

This wouldn’t be the first time that The Elder Scrolls Online has invoked the name of one of the major single-player titles to draw some attention.

ESO: Elsweyr

As previously stated we’ve already seen a Morrowind-themed expansion which generated quite a lot of interest and buzz on social media.

If anything, we fully expect the mention of more Skyrim-themed content to draw players, new and old, to the MMO.

Have you played ESO? Have you played Skyrim or any of the previous Elder Scrolls titles? Which is your favourite and why? Will the lure of Skyrim content tempt you back to the MMO or to pick it up if you haven’t already?

Let us know in the comments below!

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