July 1, 2022

Dragon Ball FighterZ adds a new stage and Halloween items in free update

Dragon Ball FighterZ is giving gamers all treats this year; No tricks. The popular anime brawler brings a multitude of new Halloween-themed customizations options, new ways to play, and a brand-new stage.

Check out the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer below showcasing the update:

The patch introduces new levels for ranked play, including the highest level, Zen-Oh. Players will also have the option to partake in 1v1 and 2v2 matches, as opposed to 3v3.

New Z capsules will be available for purchase, giving players access to Halloween-themed avatars, colors, and more. You will only be able to obtain these unique cosmetic items for a limited time, with them becoming unavailable in November 2018. All the Free Content content, except the Galactic Arena that will be added soon after, will also be available for the for the Nintendo Switch Version of the game to be released on September 28th.


Source: Playstationlifestyle

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