May 22, 2022

Dragon Age 4 Concept Art Revealed

Well….guess I’m playing mage then

The Executive Producer of Bioware Austin has posted on their twitter with concept art for characters in the upcoming Dragon Age 4. A game that fans of Inquisition have been chomping at the bit for since the end of that game. In their twitter post Christian Dailey credits Creative Director Matthew Goldman.

Unfortunately this does really give much information on the game, but does provide fans of the series with some cool artwork and a person who may become a more important character. This isn’t the first time Dailey has given us some concept art however, as back in January this appeared.

Which brings back some magick archer vibes from Dragon’s Dogma. However, we are not sure if these are concepts of characters, or just of the game itself. Either way, they’re pretty cool and we’re really looking forward to seeing more.

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