July 3, 2022

Down to Hell Set for Nintendo Switch Release

The epic slasher Down to Hell is scheduled for Nintendo Switch release. Created by Red Dev Studio the game stands out with its dynamic combat system, heavy metal soundtrack and unique stylistics. Debuting on PC earlier this year, Down to Hell has been ported by Ultimate Games S.A.

Down to Hell tells the story of an unnamed knight who faces a world full of chaos and demonic creatures. This production by Red Dev Studio focuses on combat – the player can use basic weak (fast) and strong (free) attacks. Players can mix things up by combining these attacks into longer sequences. Spells and special moves also offer additional opportunities for even longer sequences. The creators of Down to Hell have also prepared a retort system, thanks to which it is possible to repel some attacks.

The game offers a total of two different chapters in which there will be lots of clashes with different creatures and bosses (including the demonic bug Crimson and the devilish maiden Solitude). As the game creators point out, Down to Hell takes on average about 3 hours to complete.

Ultimate Games S.A. CEO Mateusz Zawadzki commented saying;

“Down to Hell is a slasher with an unforgettable atmosphere. The darkness of the game is additionally enhanced by the stylized graphic design. The soundtrack that includes works by Polish heavy metal bands Decapitated and Koronal also play a large role”.

Press Release

Down to Hell Main Features

Down to Hell features the following gameplay mechanics;

  • fast and dynamic fight;
  • unique bosses;
  • heavy and dark atmosphere;
  • hand-drawn film interludes;
  • heavy metal soundtrack (including Decapitated and Koronal).
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Down to Hell is due for release on Switch 23rd December. The game is available to pre-order from the Nintendo eStore now. Alternatively, Down to Hell is still available on Steam for £7.19 (as of the time of press). For more information on the game, follow Ultimate Games S.A. and Red Dev Studio on Twitter. Alternatively, visit their website (though, you do need to translate it from Polish if you are not a native speaker).

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