May 19, 2022

Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods Part 2

Doom Guy has beef with the ancient Gods in part 2 of the Doom Eternal DLC

iD have released the trailer for the upcoming DLC for Doom Eternal, and good news, it will be available today!

So, what can we expect? Well, certainly more Ripping and tearing, this is Doom after all. But you’ll be seeing the inclusion of what appears to be allied forces, armoured enemies, giant mechs fighting, oh, and Dragon riding. Not to mention a massive hammer; Hellbreaker.

All of which cements Doom Eternal as one of the coolest games around at the moment. And the newest expansion seems to be putting the Doom Marine in a much larger scale set pieces. If you liked Doom Eternal, and at this point, who doesn’t (including us in our review)? Then you might want take your fight to the ancient Gods themselves.

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