Does Star Wars: Squadrons Need DLC?

Does Star Wars: Squadrons Need DLC?

Rhetorical Question, Farley.

Short answer, no – but let’s talk about why. As most of as are aware, what we want and what we need stand in stark contrast to each other. So let’s take a walk down rationale-road discussing the subject and its many fine intricacies.

First, let’s start from the beginning: what is Star Wars: Squadrons and what was the expectation?

Star Wars: Squadrons is a space dogfighting flight simulator developed by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts. This game contains both single-player & multiplayer modes with included VR, and no live service elements. What you see is what you get. And if we’re being honest, what you get for what you pay – isn’t half bad. Especially by EA standards. Star Wars: Squadrons released on October 2nd, 2020 for a reduced price ranging between £34.99 to $54.99(CDN, $39.99 USD). And frankly – this has been exactly what fans have been asking for.

Hear me out

Since the Battlefront II debacle, Star Wars fans have been clamoring for a feature-complete, no bullshit game. Generally speaking, people were reasonably satisfied with Jedi: Fallen Order. A single-player, story-oriented title that appeased (some) naysayers and showed that EA took a step in the right direction. It showed us (much like Battlefront II), they are at least capable of listening to the community when it suits them.

With all of that said it appears that Star Wars: Squadrons is a further continuation of this trending, feature “complete products launching whole” thing for EA. So why then, would a vocal minority request that they backtrack and re-insert paid DLC, is baffling to me.

What Squadrons aimed to do was appease an older generation that longed for the days of Star Wars: X-Wing, and TIE Fighter – and I believe it succeeded in that regard. There are games that ask for far more for far less, besides, not every game is designed to be a 40+ hour Witcher sized romp. But in all honesty, there’s no need to beat up a strawman – Squadrons defends itself adequately with a quality content to price point that may win over a few more players.

Considering what it is, outside of cosmetic and lootbox regression, the obvious path forward would be paid content packs or expansions. In my personal opinion: the best form of addition would be well crafted single-player missions, if any at all. Multiplayer maps and changes are usually free updates, however, we already know it won’t receive content aside from the Mandalorian update.

Now, as other industry commentators have apty pointed out there are only so many ways one can tactically dogfight opposition. Therfore the multiplayer portion of Squadrions, while not neglected, may get stale over a dozen hours. Especially when compared to a fully supported MP title such as Battlefront 2 with focuses on deep combat systems and cooperative gameplay. The majority of Squadron’s argued worth is in its exciting campaign, and immersive Virtual Reality.

All of that being said, ask and you shall receive. Players asked for a content-complete no strings attached Star Wars game reminiscent of their childhoods, and they got it. A full length campaign, multiplayer, and VR – a full package at discount price. If players remain adamant in their claim that they want more to pay for under these near perfect conditions despite their complaints over DLC; then we may be perpetuating a predatory landscape more than publishers themselves.

At the very least, I hope making an observation of this dichotomy will at least spark discussion on the hypocrisy of player value. However, the most likely reality is that these are simply two separate camps of gamers who want two separate things from their games. Sure there are no fancy new content drops, but there are also no predatory monetization models either.

To be clear, as things currently stand EA has stated that there are currently no future plans for DLC.


EA Motive has announced a free update, adding of a B-Wing and TIE defender – hell yes. Read about it more, here.

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