Do You Need To Let Other Overwatch Players Know That You’re Rubbish? Your Time Has Come

Do You Need To Let Other Overwatch Players Know That You’re Rubbish? Your Time Has Come

Jeff Kaplan, the Vice President of Blizzard, has released a new developer update for Overwatch.

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In a delightfully quirky setup that will delight the fans of ‘Daddy’ Jeff, Kaplan explained what new features were set to be introduced in the new update. The most significant is the changes to the communication wheel.

At the moment, the communication wheel features a number of set lines, such as ‘group up’ and ‘thanks’. It also has the infamous ‘I need healing’ which has turned into a bit of a meme for ungrateful DPS players.

I’m looking at you Genji mains.

Considering how important communication is to Overwatch, this has always felt a bit limiting. Of course, you can say whatever you like over voice comms but:

  1. Hardly anybody ever joins voice comms
  2. It’s a mess of toxicity and abuse if they do

Seriously, if you do join chat, expect to be told how shit you are by some arrogant tosser like me.

Sorry guys, that one’s on me

Anyway, the new communication wheel will allow you to customise what you say to your team mates. If you want to say sorry, you can. You can also say ‘push forward’, ‘fall back’, ‘no’, ‘press the attack’ and a variety of other lines.

The best thing about the update is that they’ve recorded unique voice lines for all the characters. Thanks Jeff, very cool.

Mei will probably still come out with a whimpering ‘Sorry! Sorry… I’m sorry.’ I’m guessing Reaper will say a sarcastic and sinister ‘whoops’ or something like that.

So the next time you fall off the map, waste your ultimate or go on a mad flank and feed your brains out, you can let the team know that you’re sorry.

Well, it’ll make a change from Reapers spamming ‘thanks’ when you’ve just lost.

To keep an eye on exactly what Blizzard are changing, you can see all the latest patch notes here.

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