Diablo III Season 15 Starts Friday

Diablo III Season 15 Starts Friday

It seems like only yesterday Season 14 was starting and on September 16th it came to an end.

The same day, Blizzard announced Season 15 is starting on Friday, September 21st.  PC players check out the Blizzard announcement for specific timezone information.  Console players will start globally at 5:00 pm PDT no matter the region.

Continuing with themes,  Season 15 is the Boon of the Horadrim.   This means that all Horadric Caches you earn from bounties are doubled.

Besides the usual Seasonal Journey challenges and gear there are a couple new cosmetic rewards.  Available to earn are a new portrait frame and a new pet.


The quests, challenges and leader boards work the same as they have in past seasons.

For more information on the rewards, challenges and gear available this season click here.

Source:  Blizzard

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