May 23, 2022

Devolver Digital Wacky Conference Announcements

Devolver Digital, the publisher behind multiple highly acclaimed indie games in the last decade. Took to twitch yesterday to complete their notE3 conference. In a very unique experience, they announced a number of titles that would be coming from them over the next year. One of which is available immediately and for free!

Devolverland Expo (PC)

A first-person marketing sim (yes, I said marketing). Devolverland Expo is set in a event centre for a cancelled event. Travelling through booths of other Devolver properties you….do…something. It’s unclear exactly how the game plays, but it is free and available on steam now.

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Shadow Warrior 3 (PC)

Developed by Flying Wild Hog, in Shadow Warrior 3 you will again play as Wang and sidekick Orochi Zilla. When they try to recapture an ancient dragon that they may or may not have unleashed on the world accidentally. It is a Doom-esque first person shooting action game with over-the-top enemeis as well as a sense of humour.

Coming in 2021, Devolver says alongside the hefty blood and carnage it will come with a “fuck ton” of new additions to the franchise.

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Weird West (PC)

Wolfeye Studios’ fantasy action/ RPG is set in a re-imagining of the wild west. You play one of 5 heroes who must work through your own stories in whatever way you want. The game is designed so you can perform a number of unscripted actions, such as killing NPCs that will have consequences later on. Furthermore, the game is designed to allow playthroughs in your own prefered style from stealth to carnage.

The game itself is a top down point and click shooter similar to that of Halo Spartan Assault. It is due for a 2021 release.

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Blightbound (Steam Early Access)

Ronimo Games’ Blightbound is a sidescrolling RPG whereby your character, one of three possible classes. Comes down from their mountain refuge to combat the blight. This dungeon crawler is available for Steam early access on 29th July.

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Carrion (PC, Switch, Xbox One)

A Unique premise from Phobia Game Studio. In Carrion you play as an escaped experimental creature working its way through a facility and murdering any humans that get in your way. It is a side-scrolling metroidvania game where as you progress you get more upgrades for your monster.

This Reverse-horror game releases on 23rd July.

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Disc Room (PC)

Set in 2089, a giant disc is discovered orbiting Jupiter. Unfortunately the giant disc is full of saw blades and you have to navigate your way through. Disc room is a top down survival puzzle game looks unforgiving, but good for those that like the genre.

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PC, PS4)

A Battle Royale….with Jelly Beans? You play as said jelly bean, alongside 59 others. You must survive the challenges set before you until you are the last bean standing. With a customizable bean and a charmingly cutesy exterior Fall Guys seems like a unique take on Battle Royales.

Coming from Mediatonic on August 4th.

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Serious Sam 4 (PC, Stadia)

Kill things. Kill big things. Kill many things. Pretty much describes Serious Sam 4. You have a plethora of weapons and many willing participants to use them on in this first person shooter.

Coming August from Croateam.

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Olija (PC, Switch)

Trying to get back home and armed only with a harpoon. Olija is a side scrolling action game from Skeleton Crew Studios.

It arrives in fall 2020.

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So what looks most exciting for you? Weird West and Fall Guys are both the most interesting for me. But I’m looking forward to seeing what titles Devolver puts forwards in its next iteration of NotE3. Or even at E3 2021 for that matter. And seeing if any of these reaches the acclaim of some of devolvers previous publications.

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