May 19, 2022

Devil May Cry 3’s Switch Port Will Support Local Co-op

In an industry that is moving further away from coach co-op, anything new is an exciting addition. Not to mention all the new game modes Capcom has added to their DMC3 Switch port, they have also confirmed local Co-op.

Additionally “the Bloody Palace” is a new addition to the Switch port. This will allow players to take control of both Dante and Virgil to challenge the almost endless arena.

According to a Twitter post, Capcom’s Matt walker confirmed that this will work similarly to Dante’s “Doppelganger” style. In this case, each player will control them totally independent of each other.

Players can unlock this mode by completing the first mission. There will also be support for split Joy-Con play and various other controller options.

Although the previous two entries don’t include any additional content, the third has certainly delivered. While the Switch is getting all this extra love we are still unsure if Capcom will be adding any of these modes to their existing remasters.

Perhaps Capcom are holding out on adding additional content to their remasters with the intention of releasing a Resident evil style remake. With publishers currently tugging hard at the nostalgia strings, this may very well be a possibility.

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