May 19, 2022

Details Emerge About Cancelled Star Wars Game

EA reportedly cancelled yet another Star Wars video game in 2019. This title joins the list of EA’s growing number of cancelled Star Wars games, alongside Amy Hennig’s Ragtag, and EA Vancouver’s Orca.

As Kotaku reports, the title was a spin-off DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront series and was working under the codename Viking. However, unlike previous entries in the Battlefront series, this title would have featured open-world elements.

Third time’s the charm? Right? Please?

Viking‘s cancellation is particularly interesting, with it being a project thrice cannibalising from other failed titles. Viking was apparently to take the place of EA Vancouver’s cancelled Orca, itself a frankenstein repurposing of Ragtag‘s assets.

A screenshot from Visceral’s cancelled Project Ragtag

According to Kotaku’s sources, the London-based Criterion, developer of the Need for Speed and Burnout franchises was developing Viking. EA Vancouver, lead developer of many EA Sports titles, including FIFA, were assisting development.

It seems two studios’ co-developing a single title across opposite sides of the planet created issues. Criterion also apparently had incredibly ambitious visions for the game, with a strong focus on character and story. These ambitious goals made it unlikely to hit Orca‘s Autumn 2020 release date, which Viking was scheduled to fill. EA executives saw no purpose in extending its development period and cancelled the project in early 2019.

EA’s exclusivity deal with Disney has now led to just as many cancelled Star Wars games as released ones. Star Wars fans can look forward to a sequel to Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, and a new project from EA Motive – providing that also doesn’t get cancelled.

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