July 6, 2022

Destiny 2’s Festival Of The Lost To Include Haunted Forest Horde Game Mode

Details of the Halloween-themed update – Festival Of The Lost – have emerged from Bungie.

The festival, starting 16th October, will centre on Eva Levante, whom has gone missing prior to in-game events which saw the loss of fan favourite Cayde-6. However during the Festival Of Lost Lore, Amanda Holliday sets out to decorate the Tower to aid in the commemoration of those who have died and to support the celebrations around their continuous fighting.

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The biggest addition to the Festival Of The Lost though, is the new Haunted Forest. The game mode allows players 15 minutes to advance into the forest as far as possible, desecrating demons and ghastly ghosts as they make their way through. Naturally, the further you get in the run, the harder the forest becomes – it is your choice whether or not you choose to go at it lone wolf, or progress with a team; pre-made or through matchmaking.

There is also rumours of a questline which allows gamers to avenge the allegedly murdered NPC Master Ives, giving players a substantial reward after each completion, which will begin on 30th October.

Festival Of The Lost will introduce new Triumphs and daily bounties which reward players with Fragmented Souls. These can be used to buy the Festival’s masks, and its new Legendary Auto Rifle.

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Also in the update for the Festival, every time players level up beyond the maximum level, they will receive a Ephemeral Engram. The engram will be administered alongside the Steadfast Engram, which will grant guardians double Bright Engrams throughout the Festival. Ephemeral Engrams will be available to be purchased from Tess Everis in her Tower shop.

As Halloween rapidly approaches, so does the start of the Festival Of The Lost. What’re you thinking of the new game mode? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

Source: IGN

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