Destiny 2 to Introduce Customisable Ghosts

Destiny 2 to Introduce Customisable Ghosts

Ahead of the launch of Destiny 2: Beyond Light, customisable Ghosts are to be introduced to the game.

For anyone unfamiliar, Ghosts in this context are the little floating machines that recalibrate Guardians upon death. [In laymen’s terms, they bring you back to life in-game].

Developers Bungie has stated how it intends to overhaul Ghosts ahead of Beyond Light‘s launch. Apparently, in Beyond Light, Ghosts will have various energy levels and access to different mods. Each mod has a different energy cost. You can only use mods that your Ghost’s energy levels will allow.

Bungie’s Mina Jasinski noted on;

“Ghosts have always been important partners to our Guardians in the Destiny universe. But they haven’t received any meaningful updates in quite some time. To allow Ghosts to truly shine as the useful and interesting companions we’d like them to be, we decided it was time to give them a bit of an overhaul.

In Destiny 2: Beyond Light, Ghosts have received a system update. [This update] shares some functionality to what was done with armour in Shadowkeep“.

Jasinski added;

“One of our goals with this update was to separate visuals from functionality. We wanted any [Ghost] Shell to be viable and still have access to highly useful mods, regardless of tier or source. You’ll be able to select your favourite Ghost Shell based on appearance without any detriment to your experience.

Whether you purchase a Shell from Eververse, earn it from the newest raid, or pull an old favourite out [of Collections]; your Ghost will have access to all the same mods across your account. From there you can increase energy levels on your favourite Ghost Shells and set each of them up with different mod combinations of your choosing”.

Furthermore, the mods that are available to the Ghosts will be obtainable from gameplay reward loops. Bungie has stressed that they are not purchasable from the Eververse.

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