Destiny 2 Raid Changes Coming

Destiny 2 Raid Changes Coming

Many of you may be aware of Destiny and it’s iterations through the years and one more is on the horizon. Bungie recently announced its intentions for Year 4 of Destiny 2 and beyond. Namely the introduction of new destination; Europa in a new expansion, the retiring of weapons in pinnacle activities and the removal of some content. All of this was because Destiny 2 was becoming a massive well of unused content.

Old raids are some of this retired content. This content is not going to be deleted, but it will disappear into the Destiny Content Vault for now.

July 7th marks the start of the Moments of Triumph event, and with it, a change in how raiding happens (at least for this event). Conventionally a raid can be completed for rewards once per week. Some raids will now have drops for each completion during this event

These raids include: Crown of Sorrow, Leviathon, Scourge of the Past, and this will last until September 22nd. So this will be your final chance to collect any weapons or armour you may have missed over the years!

Content on It’s way out…

You may be concerned by the removal of content, but, when was the last time you actually wanted to go to Mercury? And wouldn’t finding interesting new weapons be…..interesting…..? although this does come from someone who loved No Land Beyond, so that might mark me as an outlier. If you have any thoughts on the event or the removal of content, please leave a message down in the comments section.

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