Destiny 2 Event Let Players Roam The Last City

Destiny 2 Event Let Players Roam The Last City

With Destiny 2: Beyond Light soon to be released, players were treated to yet another in-game event to see out the previous season.

Alongside the launch of next-gen consoles this week, the game will update with fresh content set around new icy location Europa. Previous classic hunting-ground The Cosmodrome will also make a return from Destiny 1.

Controversially, several of the planets that have been core to Destiny 2, including Mercury, Mars, Titan and Io, will be indefinitely vaulted to make room for this new content. This week, fans were looking forward to a final event to mark their departure from the game.

In the end, Bungie instead delivered yet another new spot to explore. Although players have experienced Earth’s Last City in a limited form during missions and multiplayer maps, Guardians have never been given the chance to explore its neighbourhoods at their leisure, until now.

What did players find?

What they found there was surprisingly fleshed out, particularly for a limited-time event, with an elaborate network of alleys full of shops, interesting dead-ends to explore, and colourful bunting to duck beneath.

The evening ended with all players being given a view of the Traveller, Destiny’s moon-sized deity, bursting into light to protect Earth.

Meanwhile, the planets that were being removed from the game were coated in darkness as the event came to a close.

Destiny 2 Update and the Beyond Light expansion are set to go live on 10th November at 17:00 GMT.

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