June 30, 2022

Defunct – Xbox One Review

Defunct, the brilliant new game from developers Freshly Squeezed, tasks you, an old, lonely robot, with trying to get back home. After falling out of your futuristic city-on-a-ship via a garbage chute, you land onto a futuristic Earth, an Earth only inhabited by robots. After years of operation, your robot is a little rusty and doesn’t work as well anymore, so you must rely on gravity to build up speed and traverse the world.

The game is designed to be a cartoon, and it does a very good job of it. The game looks great, and the scenery looks beautiful. Some levels are more puzzle based while some others are simply ‘get to the finish line’. Both are equally as fun, building up speed flying across the landscapes feels great, while finding the switches for doors allowing you to progress is puzzling but rewarding. Each level has collectibles to find – while not crucial, it gives you another task if you fancy a challenge.

The music is great – a lonely, barren landscape with the occasional robot rolling past has a very fitting soundtrack. The controls are easy to get used to, but unusual – to move forward, you press ‘B’. After so long, the game prompts you to ‘magnetise’, allowing you to travel along walls or upside down.

When all levels are complete, a new ‘time trial’ mode is unlocked for each of the levels – a welcome addition, as one playthrough of the main story took just under an hour. The silver lining to the short game duration, all you ‘bleep-bloop’ hunters can rack up around 210G over the course of the story, averaging at an hour, without actively hunting the collectibles.

Another criticism is the massive drop in frame rate as you enter the forest area, while it is still playable, the frame rate is annoying, presumably due to the increase in scenery compared to the first level.

If the frame rate issues are fixed in future updates, the game would be great, however, as it only affects one small part of the game and not the whole game itself, I think we can agree I’m being a little nit picky.

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Defunct is available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC for £12.49.

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ABG's Verdict
  • 7/10
    Overall - 7/10


Overall, Defunct is a great game with stunning cartoon visuals and sound. While the controls are unusual, they are easy to get used to. The game is sadly very short, however the added challenge of finding collectibles in each level helps add to the longevity of the game. If you have some spare money lying around I’d recommend the game straight away, however the length of the game means some people may not get the value for money.

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