July 3, 2022

Defiance 2050 Xbox One Review

Defiance 2050 is a “re-imagined” version of its 2013 counterpart but boasts some big changes and unlike its original, which was a full priced release, Defiance 2050 is hitting the free to play market on consoles and PC. Back in 2013 Defiance released to mediocre reviews achieving a mere sixty on Metacritic so the idea of it getting a re-release was a surprise. Let’s dive in and see how it holds up.

The original Defiance game was a companion piece to the SYFY channel TV show, this however was was cancelled in 2015 after its third series and they are marketing 2050 as the shows fourth series, so we will approach the game as its own entity.

You start on a spaceship travelling somewhere and you bump into some characters from the TV show that feel like bad cameos, something happens and you crash. That’s the story and if you’re not a fan of the TV show then you will just be confused full stop. The rest of the story will be even more vague and discovered by completing a seemingly endless succession of “go here do this” missions in true MMO fashion.

The missions are placed in two categories, fetch or defend. There are also challenge missions to complete but these are optional and are arcade style leader-board affairs and make no difference to the overall games experience. Then there are the Arkfalls, these are events that draw in any players in the vicinity to complete a few wave based missions for the promise of more XP and better loot drops.

On the subject of loot, Defiance 2050 has hundreds of variations of weapons making the loot scrounging very enjoyable, offering different rarity levels and different perks to your favourite weapons. You can choose from numerous classes for your character offering different perks and weapons to begin the game with.

However, ultimately every weapon can be used by every class and the skill trees for all of the classes can be unlocked rendering it pointless after a few hours. This, as with all MMO’s, is a game about grinding, you complete a mission, get the reward and then rinse & repeat. Then you can show your mate the snazzy helmet you spent twenty hours grinding to get.

The graphics are marginally better than bad but let’s be honest its a free to play MMO so no one expects AAA graphics. There was a lot of texture popping and occasionally I would shoot an enemy only for them to blast off twenty miles into the distance for no reason. Connections are great and I didn’t experience any dropped connections or game breaking bugs. I will say this though the world is ugly and almost a carbon copy of the original.

While there is a good variety of enemies, all with their own abilities, none are really a challenge and they seem to have mapped out movements that sometimes result in an  enemy facing the opposite way to the fight and they don’t even turn round when shot. This was sometimes amusing but ultimately frustrating.

As you’d expect from a free to play game there micro-transactions. However, these are tucked away safely in a store and never really shoved down your throat and even when you do venture into the store the items all seem to cosmetics and unlocks for other classes so no game breaking advantages.

Defiance 2050 is your typical free to play MMO with bugs and it rewards grinding game-play as you would expect. Where it misses the mark is in its hugely repetitive missions, ugly world design and a serious lack of cohesive story that relies on players to go back and watch a cancelled TV show to know whats going on. There is fun to be had though with friends and in its loot system but I fail to see this keeping players coming back in the coming months.

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  • 5/10
    Overall - 5.0/10


Defiance 2050 is an okay MMO that does nothing different and punishes players new to the source material. It has a good loot system and great connections but fails to keep you coming back.

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