June 30, 2022

Defenders of Ekron – Review

Defenders of Ekron story and gameplay is an adventure game fused together with a classic top down shoot-em-up.

Developed by In Vitro Games based in Chile. the team behind the game, believe it or not are not fully fledged game developers. In Vitro Games have developed the game over a period of time while juggling their own day to day jobs.

For a team that aren’t fully fledged game developers the game is stunning and keeps your attention where it is needed. We were lucky enough to play the PC version of the game. Defenders of Ekron is being released on PlayStation 4 and PC. In Vitro Games are aiming for the first quarter of 2017 for the PlayStation 4 release and the PC version will follow later on.

The PC version can be played with both PC or Xbox controller and keyboard and mouse. Even though we found it better as controller based game, it is easy to control and play and utilises the PC/Xbox controller mechanics very well.

Without spoiling the story, Defenders of Ekron really draws you into the game as there is always something going on, be it be a AI assistant to help you defeat the hordes of enemies or just to help defeat a boss stage. The stages to the game have the classic Space Invaders feel, but with a modern twist. We also found it has the similarities to AirMech Arena the Free to play game available on most platforms.

The Art work of the game is outstanding, even with the main characters of the game being 2D and in an Anime style of art. This add its own style as it doesn’t take the emphasis away from the main gameplay. The Hud of the main gameplay is well placed around the screen and doesn’t intrude or become distracting while you destroy the enemy.

John Howard a member of the team informed us the music for the game is all done in house as the developers are also in a band so they utilised their other skills as well. With being an Indie game developer its one way of cutting the cost of getting another musician to do it for you. We applaud them with their amazing talents that they have at In Vitro Games.

Defender of Ekron has been shown at Gamescom, Game Developers Conference and Tokyo Game Show where they had great positive feedback from the gamers at the events.

Defenders of Ekron is a game once you get into it, you just can’t put the controller down. You have to complete the stage you’re on or you say just one more stage which turns out to be several stages and many hours later.

We highly recommend Defenders of Ekron and needs to be in your library of Indie games. We are looking forward as to what other games come from In Vitro Games in the future.

Defenders of Ekron will only be released on PlayStation 4 and PC, we did ask if there was plans to bring it to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Right now there is no official plan from In Vitro Games to release on the other platforms.

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ABG's Verdict
  • 7.5/10
    Overall - 7.5/10


Overall Defenders of Ekron is brilliant top down shoot-em-up, and utilises the PC Controller functions well. Hand if you play with a controller with keyboard and mouse are the other option of play.

Stunning art work, sounds and music which is all made in house at In Vitro Games.

Highly recommended Indie title.

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