Deathloop Features Cool DualSense Gimmick

Deathloop Features Cool DualSense Gimmick

Despite being delayed until (at least) Q2 2021, Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop still has something to show off in 2020.

Taking part in a recent PlayStation Blog post, Arkane’s Dinga Bakaba spoke about Deathloop‘s controller feature;

“I’m really excited by the adaptive triggers and the haptic feedback; both features that will bring some physicality in-game experiences, and give important feedback. [With] Deathloop being a first-person shooter, we do a lot of things to make weapons feel differently from one another. One I like is blocking the triggers when your weapon jams. [This] gives to the player immediate feedback even before the animation plays out, which prompts the player in a physical way that they have to unjam their gun”.

Basically, through use of the DualSense’s haptic feedback functions, when your gun jams in-game, you won’t be able to use the triggers on your controller. It’s a quirky little trick that will make players have to think on-the-fly when it comes to real-time combat.

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I just wonder how many prospective PlayStation 5 players will freak out when it happens to them the first time.

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