Death Stranding’s “Baby Pod” Has Been Made in Real-Life

Death Stranding’s “Baby Pod” Has Been Made in Real-Life

So, for anyone who was creeped out by Norman Porter Bridges Dixon’s baby pod in Death Stranding, you’ll be happy to know a cosplayer has made it a reality!

Shanghai cosplayer The_Bai_Ying has created a costume that…well, I guess could generously be called “interesting”. Ying says how he created the special pod to help take his baby to the hospital.

Unfortunately, Shanghai (and a lot of China, for that matter) does not have the best air quality. Ying notes that the costume helps counteract this problem.

The costume features a working air filter, which Ying showed off in the Chinese version of TikTok. The costume also features a small screen with which Ying can check the air quality.

That’s One Way to Avoid Breathing Polluted Air

To promote his cosplay, The_Bai_Ying tagged his creation with #coronavirus and #DeathStranding. Clearly, Ying saw Hideo Kojima’s costuming and thought: “yes, that is how I’ll avoid my baby getting ill”.

Beyond the surrealism of the build, it is dedicated. Ying even created a set of ports that he can put his hands into to help check the air quality. And hopefully checked to see if his child was still breathing.

Side note, we here at ABG absolutely do not condone putting your baby inside of a cubicle strapped to your chest. Regardless of how polluted the air around you might be.

Stop going overboard on purchasing toilet rolls, learn how to wash your hands properly, and don’t believe everything you see online. Unless it’s from us, of course.

For anyone worried about Ying’s baby, by the looks of his TikTok, he uses the costume exclusively for use in the videos. We can’t see any proof that he actually goes outside wearing this, and even less so that he takes his infant with him.

Then again, the world is a weird place… The_Bai_Ying, if you somehow see this post, let us know everything’s okay at home, alright?

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