Death Stranding Played On A Treadmill

Death Stranding Played On A Treadmill

If you have played Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding you’ll know that a big part of the game is based around walking.

YouTuber Allen Pan has found a way to make the game even more immersive. After watching Pan’s video on YouTube, we can see that it’s just as exhausting as we imagined.

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Trying to maintain a New Year’s resolution to keep fit, Allen figured he would combine business with pleasure. However, there certainly doesn’t seem to be too much pleasure involved.

In order to make this impressive controller, Pan found a broken treadmill on the street and turned it into a DualShock 4 controller. Because Science!

The actual treadmill-controller works just as you’d imagine. As Allen starts to move so does Death Stranding’s Sam Bridges. The faster you move in real life the faster Sam moves. Additionally, Allen has strapped a backpack to the treadmill to keep the player upright and to boost immersion.

You wanted immersive gameplay, right?

In the video, Pan and a few of his friends try to take on one of the game’s earlier missions. After a few attempts, the group manages to deliver its first package. However, things don’t go so well when Sam encounters his first group of BTs.

Allen’s video is not only entertaining to watch it has also caught the eye of a couple of celebrities. Hideo Kojima himself retweeted an article about Pan and Norman Reedus (Sam) tweeted a link to the YouTube video.

Could this be an indication to the coming Dualshock 5 controller?

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