May 22, 2022

Death Cathedral Lets You Build Your Undead Army, Coming 2022

Publisher Thermite Games and developer Melancholia Studio took advantage of Gamescom to unveil their action-oriented gothic dungeon crawler , Death Cathedral.

Collect the flesh and bones of your enemies to build your own army of undead, and venture deep into the cathedral to defy death.

Demanding side-scrolling fights , dozens of characters to master, scary and formidable bosses: Death Cathedral will spell the end of your hopes in 2022, on PC via Steam and consoles.

Reveal Trailer

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Playable Demo Available Until The End of Gamescom 2021

From August 25 and until the end of Gamescom, a playable demo of Death Cathedral is available on Steam : it offers 7 days of play in -game (against 15 in the end), 12 different characters (out of 40 in total) and a formidable boss on four different stages. Add Death Cathedral to your Wish List so you don’t miss out on any future announcements.

The gameplay is unique: each exploration increases the decomposition of the body you use in combat, forcing you to constantly renew your stock of flesh and bones.

Your ability to manage the composition of your team and to adapt to the unexpected, even as the difficulty increases inexorably, are the key factors to hope to survive in the depths of this dangerous cathedral.

HC Li, producer at Melancholia Studio

Players can visit Death Cathedral’s virtual booth at Indie Arena Booth to see its brand new trailer. Further details will be released on the official website very soon.

Death Cathedral Game Details

A wide range of characters: more than 40 different fighters who each have their own attacks, characteristics and playstyle

Decomposition System: You control flesh and bone corpses held by powerful dark magic. Each exploration increases the decomposition of the body, which is permanently extinguished when it reaches 100%. Decay is irreversible, and you can only reduce the speed of its increase by applying specific items, available in limited supply. Choose your team carefully every time!

Team building: You will regularly lose allies, but on the other hand you can create new corpses by collecting flesh and bones from enemies defeated in battle. This means that it is impossible for you to win with one and the same composition: to progress, you will have to constantly adapt to the changes and find the best possible balance between your different fighters.

Resource Management: There are different essential resources available to help you progress, but you cannot have them all at the same time. You must properly understand each situation to make the best choices according to your resources and the difficulties you may encounter.

An unpredictable adventure: In addition to enemies, facilities are also available to assist you. All this at a cost, which could prove particularly high in the most complicated runs .

Numerous Equipment Sets: Equipment enhances your attributes, but also adds powerful specialties to your fighters. To get the most out of it, different factors must be taken into account: your composition, the enemy’s attributes, the playing area …

An immersive atmosphere: the six different zones to explore make up a delightfully cold and dark medieval fantasy world.

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