Dead Space Remake Announces Release Date

Dead Space Remake Announces Release Date

The long-awaited Dead Space remake has finally seen some development take place.

Announced at last year’s EA Live event, Dead Space was merely teased at the event.

However, since then, EA Motive has recently aired a developer presentation.

Amongst some early (pre-alpha, to be specific) footage (see below), we also now have a tentative release date.

During the live stream, senior producer Phillippe Ducharme noted how the game is “actually just a couple of weeks away from being able to do our first full walkthrough”. Ducharme added how he wants EA Motive to be in a place “where the game that we’re going to deliver is going [to] be building on the expectations of fans”. As such, the studio is looking to release the game “early next year”.

That might sound flaky right now, but Ducharme has added how the studio does have a release date in mind. However, it feels like it’s not quite ready to share it yet; “We believe that we’re going to be in a solid position to be able to do the proper polish, the proper debug, and to meet the date that we have in mind”.

In terms of what fans can expect, the dev presentation showcases everything from enhanced weapon sounds to a new in-game mechanic that governs Isaac Clarke’s responses to surroundings. His heartrate and breathing will react in a more natural fashion based on his health, fatigue, exertion, etc.

There’s a whole host of footage for you to delve through – over 40 minutes in total and a separate eight minutes of gameplay demo.

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Again, the Dead Space remake will drop “early next year” for Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and PC.